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A Compilation of Unsolicited Customer Feedback from Verified Owners of Chicago Discus Fish

2018 Feedback

I would say that I have bought discus fish online for the past 10 years. Having excellent quality of fish is important, I started buying from Chicago discus this year, So far every fish that I bought from Miranda and Josie are healthy excellent quality, but the most important thing is the owners they are very professional, willing to go the extra mile to please the customer, they are very knowledgeable 👍👌🏻 And willing to assit thier customers. Thank you Miranda and Josie …  from Juan, October 2018 posted on Google

Just letting you know the Eruption arrived safe and sound. I became a little concerned as the temps dropped to the mid-40’s locally during the night. But he appears to be fine and doing well as he acclimates to the new environment. He certainly is a gorgeous Discus! Thanks again for being so great to work with and providing such great Discus. … from James 9/18/18

Just wanted to say Thanks, Miranda and Josie.  The discus arrived healthy and happy.  Fantastic color.  Top Quality.  You guys are doing a great job.  Will tell anyone that is thinking about owning some Chicago Discus is the Best.  Great Price and Unbelievable Service.  Will order again.  Thanks … from Costaes, August 2018 posted on Google

The fish arrived right on time at 10:15 this morning. They are in excellent shape. I am watching the two lovers dance as I try to type. Both fish are just gorgeous. I have never seen a pair so perfectly color coordinated. My only problem now is deciding  which fish in my collection is the favorite. I think these might top the list. …  from Dave 8/21/18

Just a note of appreciation. As always your service was above my expectations. The royal yellow I ordered had more red than expected making it look like a sun set and it looks great with the full red Marlboro. You folks are just great! Keep up the awesome work. … from Mike 8/7/18

Miranda was so accommodating and helpful when I stopped by for a couple of fish today. Their stock is very healthy (and gorgeous!!!) and the facility is top notch. After a long car ride and slow lights-out acclimation, my new fish are looking stress free. I can’t wait to see them in the full light of day. I couldn’t be happier! …  from Karen 7/26/18 posted on Facebook

Also, just as a side compliment…  I have kept discus on and off for years with mediocre success. Every one of the fish I have purchased from you have thrived. It’s been great. … from Jim 6/6/18

Insane to go anywhere else. Cannot beat the quality, selection, price, service and support. Don’t buy discus from anywhere else until first visiting Chicago Discus. I live in the burbs and it was an hour drive. That said, if it was 3hrs, it would still be worth it! … from Edward, March 2018 posted on Google

Been very happy with the discus I purchased from them, I ended up getting four mated outsourcing of the 12 (Red Alenquers) that I purchased.  Awesome … from Stephen 5/1/18 (posted on Facebook)  Reply from Chicago Discus: Thank you Stephen, Glad it worked out. Those were the little Red Alenquers if I recall correctly. They certainly blossomed as they matured! We have a few still in stock, and they are stunning.

Yesterday I received my shipment from Chicago Discus. This was the first time I have ordered ANY fish to be shipped. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. Thank you Miranda for all of your help! I am SO glad I ordered these beautiful fish from you. The color and quality of my new discus are incredible! I could not thank you enough. … from Dean 3/8/18 (posted on Simply Discus Forum)

Just wanted to let you know I received the fish this morning about 9:30. They look great, and are currently relaxing in my isolation tank.  Thanks so much for taking care with them.  I have 4 discus from you now – and wish I had more.  Outside of a blue diamond I obtained from a local FS, they are best of the bunch.  I am tempted to convert my 125 gallon African tank into a discus tank, but with summer coming up, I’ll hold off for now.  Thanks again.  I wish everyone I did business with met and exceeded my expectations like you guys do. … from Norm, 3/7/18

They arrived and are beautiful!!!  Much larger than I expected!  They are floating now and will soon be in their new home.  Thank you again, I will only be buying discus from you in the future!  I couldn’t be happier…  from Jeff 2/28/18

I had the pleasure of buying a splendid pair of Red Turqs from Chicago Discus. Their communication was top notch, shipping/packaging was excellent (it was 25 degrees in NYC and they arrived nice and toasty), and the fish are gorgeous and true to the website pictures. In three weeks I had wrigglers. Very pleased and Chicago Discus will be added to my definite go to list when I consider purchasing more fish….  from Jamie, 1/25/18 (posted on Simply Discus Forum)

2017 Feedback

I just acclimated my new Chicago Discus.  They came extremely well packed and fish were in excellent condition.  These discus are much higher quality than the fish I purchased 7 years ago which was the last time I kept discus. Thanks Miranda for all of your advice….   from Ted, 11/15/17 (posted on Facebook)

Just wanted to let you know I got my order around 9:30 this am. Fed Ex was on the ball. All the discus look like they made the trip in good shape. The Rose Red Alenquers are even bigger than I expected. That one solid brown one is close to 6 inches!. The whole group looks good together. They are already looking for food. The packaging was excellent. No sign of leakage. Water temp. was around 80F.  It’s nice to know I have another source for quality discus. … from Steve, 9/7/17

I bought 5 of these about a month ago and they all arrived very healthy and very high quality. Loved them so much I ordered 3 more from the august shipment and had the same excellent experience. They are very responsive and accommodating to which specific fish you want as well as quick to reply to emails. Couldn’t recommend enough! ,,, from Levi, 8/16/17 (posted on Facebook)

I have to say that I am very happy about your product, all of these guys are beautiful, active, curious. And they always show up at the front end of the tank, not being shy at all. Never having done discus by mail, you have been able to convince me otherwise. What is really great is your aftercare, answering all my ignorant questions. Watching the group at night is one of my daily highlights… From J-M, 7/19/17

I received my beautiful fish today, and they are absolutely amazing! So much prettier than I could ever have imagined! Thank you Miranda for all of your help and expertise. After years of disappointing experiences in the local fish stores of Orlando, I decided to go on line. I am so happy I did! I will recommend Chicago Discus to everyone! … From Debbie, June 2017 (Google review)

We are new to this hobby and have met many people willing to share their knowledge. But Chicago Discus is a rare place where the people want to help total strangers to learn how to care for their Discus. They are kind, patient, and generous. We could tell they really love their fish and want other people to love their fish too…. Kathy and Mike, 5/22/17 (Yelp Review)

Going through their basement was the equivalent of going to Disney Land for a Discus keeper. Not from Chi, was in town…took the opportunity to drop by (by appointment only). They have some of the cleanest, vibrant Discus I have seen about. Extremely well cared for and the water is CLEAR. What an experience!!! Highly recommended. Oh did I mention, outside of all the superb Discus spicemens. They have a full grown Mbu Puffer. 🙂  Fair pricing…given the quality! Great advice! Awesome visit. …  From GA, May 2017 (Google review)

We love Chicago Discus! We currently have 14, 5.5-6.5+ Discus, all from Chicago Discus. They are beautiful and amazing quality! Every experience we have had has been exceptional and professional. We were new the Discus world a year ago and I don’t know what we would have done without all of the helpful and expert advice from Miranda & Josie. They take care of us like family!  I highly recommended Chicago Discus both to the new and experienced Discus owners. Our fish will always be from them now and into future! … from Michelle  5/3/17 (posted on Facebook)

Bought a red & blue snakeskin to add to my collection from Chicago Discus and as usual the fish are awesome. Great color & shape and packaging was perfect as usual… from Darren 3/29/17

Just received our order from Chicago Discus. The fish are amazing! Extremely  colorful, lively, and healthy. The size, thickness and fins on these guys is unbelievable! I am extremely impressed! The shipping was on time and fish packed with care, Josie and Miranda even wrote a personalized note on the styrofoam box. Definitely recommend Chicago Discus and will be a return customer in the future… from Karolina 3/9/17

Very pleased with these golden pigeons ! They look amazing arrived in good health. I’ve ordered over 20 discus online and Chicago discus is by far my best experience. Will be ordering from them again. …  From Shane 3/2/17

Visited the facility this past weekend and it was awesome they have very well kept and beautiful discus will be buying more when I visit Chicago again soon …  From Samuel, posted on Facebook 2/26/17

I just received my 3 discus. They are healthy, true to size and beautiful! Everything they were supposed to be and then some. They were packed extremely well and still nice and warm on arrival. Customer service is great, Miranda is wonderful to deal with! Will definitely order again! … From Nicole, posted on Facebook 2/9/17

To say Miranda (one of Chicago’s Discus Owners) is a Discus fanatic is an under-statement. She is a wealth of knowledge on Discus care and it shows with her spotless showroom with extremely clean tanks with top of the line quality discus. discus have a great selection of variety and sizes to choose from and best of all, the discus I bought from her have great appetites and readily accepts even commercial flake fish food (Omega- flakes). If you are looking for a Discus seller that really cares about you succeeding with Discus, this is the place to buy your Discus….  From John (Yelp review 1/23/17)

Love Chicago Discus. I ordered 4 Large Super Checkerboard Pigeons and 2 Large Classic Leopards. Fish arrived packed excellent and acclimated quickly. Happy and Healthy. They are beautiful. Will be ordering more. Thanks Miranda for the outstanding customer service. You picked out some beautiful fish for me. … From Denise posted on Facebook 1/10/17

We are very happy with the discus we got from Chicago Discus!!! They are beautiful and healthy fishes! Seeing how clean your tanks are , no wonder the fishes look so happy. Wonderful experience . Highly recommend for anyone who loves discus. …  From Zita, posted on Facebook 1/8/17

Best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been looking since 1971.  If you’re into Discus, you need to visit Josie & Miranda at Chicago Discus.  …  From Joe, posted on Facebook 1/3/17

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