3.0-3.5″ Blue Turquoise


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Blue on blue, these classic Blue Turquoise will be a wonderful addition to your blue discus tank, or bring a touch of blue to your colorful tank.  We typically bring in much larger Blue Turquoise, but we have been getting requests for smaller patterned discus.  These young Blue Turquoise discus are just developing their color, and will get deeper and more distinctive patterns as they matter.  You will love these Blue Turqs!  Please take a look at the pictures for more details.

The little Blue Turquoise are at home with Albino Red and Golden Marlboro.

Here's our new stock list for July. I will post pictures over the next few days, but if you are interested in any of these, please call or email. Also, Here's a little video of our new Albino Golden Marlboro, Albino Red Marlboro, and little Blue Turquoise… very colorful tank!3.0-3.5” Blue Diamond. $52*3.0-3.5” Spotted Leopard $62*3.0-3.5” Blue Turquoise $52*3.5-4.0” Red Checkerboard Pigeon $55*3.5-4.0” Golden Lemon $55*3.5-4.0” Rose Red $57*3.5-4.0” Red Alenquer $57*3.5-4.0” Albino Red Marlboro $107*4.0” Snow White $654.0” Carnation Turquoise $654.0” Daisy Leopard $654.0-4.5” Albino Golden Marlboro $148*4.0-4.5” Red Panda $82*4.5” Red Melon $804.5-5.0” Red Panda $102*5.0” Spotted Leopard $122*5.0” Red Turquoise $96*5.0” Red Alenquer $96*5.0” Blue Turquoise $96* (SOLD OUT)5.0” Cobalt $96* (SOLD OUT)5.0-5.5" Red Checkerboard Pigeon $106*5.0-5.5” Red and White $905.0-5.5” Golden Marlboro $905.5-6.0” Golden Lemon $1105.5-6.0” Golden Panda $1255.0-5.5” Red Melon $1105.0-5.5” Snow White Albino $1755.0” Albino Red $1755.5” Albino Golden $1956.5” Jumbo Golden Pigeon $170 *New stock this month

Posted by Chicago Discus on Saturday, July 11, 2020

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Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in
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