5.5″ Red Turquoise


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Product Description

We received some splendid Red Turquoise in this shipment.  Large size and perfect shapes.  The patterns of lines vary from straight lines to mosaic patterns, and they completely cover the discus.  Beautiful faces as well.  Take a look at the pictures, click on them for details, and I am sure you will agree that these are an excellent group to choose from.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

1 review for 5.5″ Red Turquoise

  1. jondales78 (verified owner)

    I bought two red turquoise from Miranda a few months ago, I manage to get two females witch they pair off already with a Flora torquise also called carnation is the same fish. They are heavy layer of eggs. Thier first try I should have some fry in the future! With discus you have to have patience. This fish are very healthy. Thank you Miranda.

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