Possible and Proven Pairs 5.0″-5.5″ Red Melon and Golden Lemon



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We actually have 2 mixed pairs of the same strains:  5.0″ female Red Melon and 5.0-5.5″ male Golden Lemons.  One of the pairs features a white face Red Melon, while the other pair is a orange/red face Red Melon.  Both pairs are young and on their first or second spawns.  Red Melons and Golden Lemons are very compatible, and will have attractive Melon offspring. Please look at the pictures for both of these mixed pairs.  (NOTE ADDED 01/10/19 Today the Pair #1 eggs hatched, so that pair is PROVEN.  Pair #2 is still POSSIBLE.  Select proven or possible when ordering).

Proven Pair #1:  white face Red Melon female, Golden Lemon male


Possible Pair #2: orange/red female Red Melon


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Weight 9.0 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

Proven, Possible

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