Proven Pair 5.5″ Rose Red


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We have a wonderful pair of larger than 5.0″ Rose Red discus for sale. They proved themselves on their first spawn in the breeding tank, and it was a very large batch of wigglers.  Like many young parents, they ate their first batch, but they are working on a new batch right now (see last 2 pictures).  (Note:  new picture added of their wigglers) They are a very attractive pair, with the male being a very deep burgundy red with prominent bars, and the female a more delicate but intense red/orange.  Their offspring should be beautiful.  Please look at this couple. (Note added 6/16/19: We now have 2 proven pairs of 5.0-5.5″” Rose Red. If you would like pictures of the second pair, please ask)

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


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