June 2024

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Chicago Discus specializes in the highest quality discus strains available today. Aquarists and hobbyists alike can shop online via our website or visit us at our hatchery. We import only the finest strains from Asia and elsewhere and offer them at reasonable prices.

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  • Chicago Discus Fish 2014

  • Chicago Discus Fish 2014


Chicago Discus offers the best quality discus fish available worldwide

At Chicago Discus, we only carry and import from the very best. When we started, our discus fish were bred in-store. Today, we import strains from internationally acclaimed hatcheries located throughout Southeast Asia. Our discus are raised and nurtured using state-of-the-art hatchery technology.

In the beginning, we searched the world over for leading industry discus breeders who could supply us with only the best strains. We work with select approved breeders and import an Asian variety of rare and hard-to-find strains. Our fresh-water aquariums house the most extensive inventory of rare albino and unique discus unavailable anywhere else.

Guests can find plenty to choose from by visiting our Shop page or by visiting our hatchery. Please call or email us so we can help you with your aquarium needs.

Chicago Discus is the sole direct importer in the US of Robert Lim’s discus from Penang.  Robert Lim is the owner of Unique Discus in Malaysia.  From the Lim family, with generations of discus breeding experience, he has been creating and breeding dozens of the world’s finest strains of discus for over 30 years.  He is known worldwide for his spotted discus, including such outstanding strains as the Ruby Spider Face, Super Panthera and other eruption snakeskins.  

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Please contact us to order or for general information:

Send an email: chicagodiscus@att.net

Or call us:  312.622.0055 (office)

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