November 2021 Stock List

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Acclimating new arrivals!

New Shipment from Robert Lim is here!

Pictures and listings will be posted over the next few days.  In meantime, call to order

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Shipping to your door or pick up at our location
We welcome visitors with appointment to our shop.  

We are only shipping Mon, Tues and Wed.  No Fri or Sat deliveries until further notice

Chicago Discus gift certificates are available throughout the year!   Call or email for more information.

Use Shopping Cart to order your discus and calculate shipping. To calculate shipping, enter fish into shopping cart, view cart, click “CLICK HERE TO CALCULATE SHIPPING”, enter required information, click update totals. If you are satisfied, click proceed to checkout

As always you can contact us at 312-622-0055 or with any questions.


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