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A Compilation of Unsolicited Customer Feedback from Verified Owners of Chicago Discus Fish

2021 Feedback

Great source for high quality discus (Review by Patrick published on Facebook 10/18/21.  Patrick bought all 6 of our Albino Red Leopards and sent this wonderful photo of them in his tank.)

Would like to do a shout-out for Chicago Discus. Miranda is the most humble honest and caring person that I have ever dealt with..!!. I have made multiple purchases from her and have been extremely pleased with them all. She will Not sell you anything that is not up to her standards. I have had only 1 fish that has died from her and really do not know if it was my fault or hers but she gave me credit for it..that is just Miranda..she did not have to do that. All my shipments have been pack perfectly and arrived in good health. The fish will also eat within the hour. shorten this..if you are looking for quality, healthy and reasonably priced discus check out Chicago Discus..!!  (from Roxanne, 7/29/21, posted on Discus Review Facebook page)
We’ve been searching for a business that we could visit while getting Discus. Chicago Discus was that and so much more. Imagine a mini Garden of Eden. Thats what it feels like as you walk thru the property. The Discus room was equally impressive. They pack each Discus with great care. I will be returning many times. If you like Parrots, Ducks, Chickens and of course Discus. While also residing anywhere remotely near Chicago, I recommend you visit them. Even if you don’t live near, they have top quality Discus you won’t be disappointed. (from Jeff, 7/1/21, review posted on Chicago Discus Facebook page)
I am a passionate discus hobbyist and my son happened to move to Chicago within a few miles of Miranda and Josie (we are from Rochester, NY). I made an appointment to visit and had no idea what was in store for me- literally.  The tanks were pristine and full of gorgeous discus. Healthy and vibrant. There was even an hours old batch of fry to prove a pair she realized right as we were viewing the tanks.  Miranda was so generous with her knowledge, experience and time. She actually showed me step-by-step her process for making her beef heart recipe and even how to find her recipe on her website.  She’s passionate about her fish and so many other creatures she keeps on site- parrots, chickens, ducks, turtles, koi, bees and a myriad of gorgeous healthy plants that I heard are Josie’s talents. This tiny plot of land is heaven on earth to anyone who loves plants and animals. Their passion is visible in the care of every living thing there.  As I looked at the tanks full of the most beautifully shaped, brightly colored discus I’d scoped out the ones I wished I could take home. My tanks are full at the moment but she’s won my heart and confidence. Thank you so much Miranda for letting me experience a few minute of your beautiful life. I can’t wait to visit you again.  (Review posted by Jenene on Chicago Discus Facebook page, 6/30/21).

I have been a discus hobbyist for over 10 years and I have purchased many discus from local fish shops and none have come close to what Miranda has. These discus are healthy and great size. Just beautiful. Only regret I have, not finding Chicago Discus sooner. (from Josh, Google review, 4/3/21)

Once again my order came in great health. All most immediately grouping with the other discus. I don’t even shop around anymore. You folks are my go to discus shop. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! The Red Panda is exceptional. (from Mike, 4/14/21)

Just had to share my fantastic experience with ChicagoDiscus. Meeting Miranda was awesome as she was nice, very knowledgeable, and patient with my fish selections/questions. The place is awesome to see and the fish are superb. I was looking for larger reds and boy did I get some beauts. …  I tried ChicagoDiscus……boy I’m glad I did. The pic below was a short while after my two hour trek home releasing them into into their tank. I’m picky about the fish I buy and Miranda and her fish were SO worth the drive/traffic. (Bill G, posted on Simply Discus Forum, 4/9/21)

Good morning Miranda! I received 4 discus from you yesterday and I wanted to thank you they are absolutely beautiful. I maybe be making another purchase in the near future. Thank you again. Hope you have a great day.  (from Heather, 4/7/21)

Just wanted to say thank you for my order. The Discus look AMAZING! I will order all of my future Discus from you. (from Brandon, 4/4/21)

Everyone arrived safe and sound!  They seem happy checking out their new home and are so colorful!  Thank you so much for all your help and picking out such beautiful fish!  Now I just need to figure out names…  (from Erin, 3/31/21)

Received the fish right on time! They are doing wonderful and all I can say is WOW, they are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you again for the wonderful customer service!  May you and your business have many blessings! (from Elizabeth, 3/9/21)

Integrity is what this seller is all about. The discus we ordered was not delivered until day 3 after shipment, due to FedEx delay.  Seller kept us informed during entire process, and took the time to listen to our distress. When our fish was finally delivered, two days overdue, it was, amazingly, still alive! Today our miracle discus is swimming among tank mates and is a gorgeous addition to our aquarium. THANK YOU so much Chicago Discus, you are the ultimate Discus store!! (from Shirley, 2/28/21)

Beautiful fish, A+ packaging and great communication. Do not hesitate to do business with Chicago Discus 👍🏻 If you’re in the Midwest looking to get into the hobby I highly recommend! (from Zach, posted on Simply Discus Facebook 2/2/21)

I’ve always bought my Discus from Chicago Discus . Chicago Discus is my number one stop to go to when it comes to needing high quality discus. Check out the website and look at the food being delivered to your King Of The Tank. Miranda and Josie is very knowledgeable and always willing to assist you with whatever you need when it comes to your discus just look at my tank picture.  (from Ray, Google review 1/22/21)

2020 Feedback

Just got 8 amazing fish. They look great and immediately are eating and interacting. I’m so impressed with the quality and the health. I looked at lots of places and went with my gut based on feedback. So glad I did. (from Rocky, Facebook review 12/31/20)

I’ve ordered from others but they can’t compare with Chicago Discus! From the ease of ordering to the supreme method used in packaging for shipping, Chicago Discus is THEE BEST! Absolutely the nicest quality Discus and great pricing. I won’t be buying from anyone else. I love my fish!  (from Jan, Facebook review 11/7/20)

Just letting you know they arrived in perfect condition.  The only bag that had water in the outer bag was the turquoise.  Seems like a thing with them.  Every one I’ve ever had shipped popped thru at least 2 of the inner bags.  Very nice, tight packing job.   Overall extremely happy and I wont hesitate to recommend you.  (from Martin, Facebook messenger 10/22/20)

When I decided to get discuses, I was searching the right vendor. I found a YouTube video that Miranda was interviews during the fish show, she patiently explained how to take care of discuses. I could feel the tranquil and caring energy from her voice. I know she is the one. Thanks Chicago Discus helping me to learn about how to care for these beautiful fish. The discuses I got from her are so beautiful, healthy and much larger than I could expected.  (from Ling-An, posted on Facebook 10/25/20)

Both fishes arrived today sound and well. I have bought my fair share of discus online and I was impressed by how well they were packaged.  Excellent job!  Many thanks. (from Alberto, 9/29/20)

Just wanted to let you know that all the fish arrived safely at my house around 9:30am this morning and all I can say is WOW. They are very beautiful and way better than I could have imagined, thanks again and I can promise you this all future discus will be purchased from you :-). (from Joe, 8/12/20)

Just wanted to thank you for the Discus that I received today.  They were safe and sound thanks you your great packing job! I’m working their acclimation now and looking forward to putting them in their new home. Lights are off and I will try to get some pics tomorrow. All 4 look great so far with no issues observed. Thank you again and I look forward to another purchase in the near future. (from Tim, 7/7/20)

I cannot say enough good things about the dealer and the order we just got from Chicago Discus! Both the fish and the service has me blown away. Miranda was very easy to deal with via email. We got exactly what we wanted. She also picked out the fish and saved them for us while waiting for the arrival of our new tank. They have been here for 3 days and are settling in quite nicely. …  I do not know if she had these for some time or if they are new arrivals, but they are in excellent condition. Eating well and acting very good. They were packaged VERY safely in nice big bags. Even a sweet note on the top of the box to me. These folks really know how to do business. … (posted by Vinni on Simply Discus Forum, 6/18/20).

Fish Arrived  in AWESOME  Condition… acclimating now…As always. I’m very HAPPY with your pick. They look GREAT  Thank you for being #1. Be safe. Stay safe. (from Fred, 6/11/20).

Chicago discus is where it’s at! Awesome colors Great service.  3rd time back now and more to come as we upgrade our home tanks. (from Eli, 6/3/20)

Just received four red checker board pigeons. The fish arrived healthy and beautiful. I really appreciate the level of care and detail that went into the shipping. I will definitely order more and often. Excellent service and knowledgeable!  (Feedback from Wendell, 4/28/20)

The Discus are acclimatizing and have arrived safely (perfectly packed!). They look stunning!!! I am also very happy with the color combination (now I can start thinking about which last 3 to add 🙂). I’ll send you some pics tonight of them adjusting to their new home shared with 30 cardinals and 15 Corydoras Sterbai. (Feedback from Rutger, 3/25/2020)

(I am a) Returning Customer.  Both green velvet cobalt males are large and VERY WELL FED AND CARED FOR. The greenish shim has be appreciated visually to be truly appreciated for its beauty.  Both showing interest with proven females, so will just wait for natural chemistry to sparkle!  Both leopard discus are healthy and larger than expected,  One appears to have some eggs in store, so will see how she does with a likely male leopard/green discus.  These leopards are both eating very well.  Also:  regarding the pair of red cover bought about a year ago.  These are fantastic parents and have produced at least 4 sets of healthy fries and shown to be very reliable parents, ones that I am learning what model discus parents can be.  (Feedback from David, 3/24/2020)

I am regular customer of Chicago Discus and over the past 2 years, I purchased some of the best and healthy Discus on the market. On top of that is the outstanding customer service that Miranda and Josie provide. They are people who have a tremendous love for their pets, I been at their store and seen what they do and how they care for the Discus they sale. I am a picky customer and they never let me down. I am very happy have found them and highly recommend to anyone who wants to have beautiful, healthy fish and excellent overall experience! (from Chris, 3/13/2020 Facebook review)

I just received my shipment of Discus this morning and as always the are beautiful! The little Spotted Leopards are very cute along with the Snow White Diamonds. My husband loved the Carnation Turquoise so much we order a couple more😊 (from Michelle H, posted on Facebook, 3/3/2020).

My fish arrived safe and sound and they are absolutely STUNNING!!! Plus the fourth fish was a wonderful surprise! They have all adjusted well and seem pretty happy. The way that they were packed for shipping was phenomenal! I’ll definitely be making all of my future purchases with Chicago Discus! Thank You! (from Nate, 2/5/2020)

I just got them about 15 minutes ago, acclimating right now. All I can say is WOW love them!!  They are even a beautiful color right now gorgeous, very calm right out of the box, Thank you for picking me out some beautiful fish!! Let’s hope they’re females LOL. Let me know when you will be getting checkerboard pigeons in and  if you get any white diamonds would love one of those to in 5 inch or more.  I might just take a ride then I’m only 2 hours away!!  (Michelle P, 2/4/2020)

Thought you would enjoy an update.  This is the second attempt for this pair (picture attached), successfully fertilized, however eggs disappeared on 3rd day. The other 2 have pair off and attempting their first spawning today. Thanks again for these beautiful discus.  (from Stephany, 1/16/2020, Rose Red)

Good morning! I am pleased to inform that all the fish I ordered from you two weeks ago are doing great. In fact, I’ve already got a proven pair and am a “discus dad” as of this morning! Another pair is also developing…time to get the breeding tanks ready 😉. I’ve included pix for your use as customer feedback of my awesome experience with you and Josie. Many thanks and I will be in touch when…not if…I want to order more!! (from Karl, 1/18/2020, Red Turquoise)

Chicago Discus took my phone call on a Sunday and patiently answered a bunch of my questions and gave me some great advice. My next fish will come from them! (from David, posted on Facebook, 1/10/2020)

Thank you very much…the fish arrived in great condition and are acclimating to and exploring their new home! They are already looking comfortable in my 75g planted display tank and they all look fantastic!!  I am really impressed with the size and color…especially the red alenquer. I’ll send a picture once I acclimate them to the tank lighting. Thanks again and happy New Year!!! (from Karl, 1/4/2020)

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