Customer Feedback 2016

2016 Customer Feedback

My four 6″ discus arrived today from Chicago Discus.  Excellent quality and beautiful. Two Leopards and 2 Super Red Checkerboard Pigeons. Excellent customer service with Miranda and outstanding quality discus.  Will be ordering more from them … From Denise 12/23/16

I was in discus heaven today.  Has anyone bought discus from “Chicago Discus”? The quality of their discus is outstanding.  And the customer service is amazing.  Miranda takes very good care of the fish and of the clients …  From Jose 12/10/16

Very neat clean spots with a unique color pattern very nice (Eruption Leopard).  The pic dose not do these fish justice truly gorgeous. Big heathy fish with long flowing pectoral fins (Classic Leopard) … From Tim 11/17/16


What a beauty indeed (Albino Golden Pigeon)! Gorgeous fish and I’m glad I added him to my indoor rainbow 😉 …  from Huong 8/3/16

This amazing big Blue Cobalt was one of three fish I ordered from Chicago discus. I could not be more thrilled! Big beautiful healthy and strong fish. He immediately took to a 5 plus inch Altum Flora discus I have had a few years and they started laying eggs. I hope to separate them in their own tank and see if I can’t get some little ones from them. … from Debra 7/15/16

I’m so lucky to get a special AGM (Albino Golden Marlboro), mine has white halo around it. I’m so appreciate that Chicago discus has such good worker to pick what I want. Nice fish and nice business. … From Qiyun 7/5/16

Like sunshine with fins!!! What a beautiful addition to my tank. Both fish (Albino Red Marlboro) settled right in with ease.I’m going back for the last one. It’s wonderful to always have such a dependable experience with Chicago Discus. …  From Winnie 5/6/16

Received my 3 (Albino Platinum) this morning. These are, in my view, some of the nicest looking discus ever and I got my first discus about 60 years ago. They have great shape and subtle color with a regal elegance. They were superbly packed and water temp was about 85 degrees when I opened the bags. Chicago Discus ranks up there with the best of the best for delivering what they sell on their web site! …  from Jack 4/26/16

The A.P that I received is very elegant and lively right out of the shipment. I call him J.R and wow does he have an outgoing personality. Always chasing me around in the qt tank . Very nice coloration with a hint of blue on the high fins makes him look spectacular. Thank you Miranda for this fish. Thanks to you I will be a loyal customer for life. Top notch customer service is what you will get at Chicago Discus. … from Julio 4/26/16

Awesome fish!!!! I could not believe how amazing this fish was. I ordered 5 fish and all surpassed my expectations. How refreshing to spend money online on discus and get fish that were so amazing. I am a Chicago Discus customer for life. Thanks for serving your customers with pride…… A rare thing these days!  …  from Joe 4/12/16

We couldn’t be happier. This fish is gorgeous. Its colors are very vibrant. Quality is excellent fish is very Healthy and Happy!
Thanks again for the great Discus!….Once we have a larger tank you can be sure you will be hearing from us again! Excellent Fish! …  from C 4/9/16

Simply Beautiful….My wife and I just received one of these and the size, health and quality are unbelievable. This is the first time we have ordered from Chicago Discus and if this is what is to be expected from them, we will be buying Discus from them and only them in the future….again just Awesome Fish….Thank you Miranda and Josie couldn’t have asked for better! … from C 4/8/16

WOW!!!! Is all I can say, if more come in I will buy it in a heart beat. The best looking AP let alone white fish you can ever imagine, just glows under the lights. Worth every little penny 🙂 … from Valerie 4/1/16

Our albino pigeon from CD is beautiful and has grown to 6 in in a few short months. The high fins are spectacular! … from Lauren 3/13/16

Purchased 2 (White Butterfly) a month ago. they are growing like weeds and their anal and caudal fin have darkened to a real cool black. get them before they are sold. … from Dave 3/13/16

Want something to make all of your discus friends jealous? Well here you go. This are magnificent fish (Albino Platinum). Clean, round and thick. I am in love with mine and wish I would grabbed another. If you get one you will not be disappointed! AMAZING!!!  .. from Beth 3/12/16

These fish (Albino Red Marlboro) are great! I recieved a solid red. Beautiful fish. Super thick and awesome. Everyone should have one of these in their tank! … from Beth 3/11/16

Wowza! Got one of these (Albino Golden Pigeon) and I am speechless at the quality. This yellow is so vibrant I don’t even know what to say. Buy one and you will not regret it! …from Beth 3/11/16

Wow, just got my three new 4″ checkboard pigeon discus juveniles; they are BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, healthy, already showing their personalities. THESE ARE THE BEST DISCUS I’VE EVER SEEN! Chicago discus, I will be back 😉 Thanks Miranda and Josie. … from Brooks 3/3/16

Thank you very much for my 2 vibrant and colorful giant classic leopard discus. it’s always gratifying to purchase discus from you. I’m 100% satisfied. you’re the best in the business. looking forward to buy more in the near future. … From Joshua 3/2/16

I received one of these beauties (Albino Platinum) today with a Marlboro Albino, I’ve been looking for one with red eyes and not tiny one like everyone always sells. I must say the One I received is stunning. I love the clean white body very eye catching and stands out from the rest. The red eyes are also really bright and they colored up really fast after I put them in the tank. Overall really happy with my purchase and Chicago discus were the only ones to have them!!! 🙂 … from Valerie 2/26/16

I received one of these beauties (Albino Golden Marlboro) today with an albino platinum 5″, I was originally looking for a Yellow crystal with red eyes but I couldn’t find one. I stumbled onto this one and I thought it looked close enough to what I was looking for and I couldn’t be happier. It’s 10 times better that the yellow crystal the yellow is so bright and the eyes are very red. Plus it’s pretty big larger than 4.5″ almost 5″ but I didn’t measure. The red eyes looked yellow at first but they colored up really fast and turned red orange after I put them in the tank. Overall I’m really happy with my purchase and and I would have never chosen this in the first place until I saw it on Chicago Discus website. Thank you!!! …  from Valerie 2/26/16

Ordered 2 Golden Melons from you on Monday, Feb. 22 and received them on Tue., Feb. 23 happy and warm! Shipping and quality of fish superb! Will definitely order from you again! … Gary and Sandy 2/24/16

Beautiful fish. First online ordering experience – fish appeared quite healthy on arrival. Acclimated well and started eating vigorously the next day. Will certainly be ordering from Chicago Discus again! … from Eric 2/18/16

Beautiful hatchery, great selection of fish, nice size, healthy, easy to acclimate. If you are in the area this is your only place to purchase discus. nice not to have to deal with shipping. Highly recommend. … from Dave 1/23/16

Received two healthy beautiful Tiger Pigeons and one Marlboro Albino. They sure like to eat !!! Very nice addition to the tank. They came in on time and package very well (triple bagged with heat).  Nice job, will order additional discus in the future. … from Ron 1/2/16