Customer Feedback 2022

2022 Feedback

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for the beautiful fish. All three are stunners and appear to be doing great. It was a pleasure ordering from your company and hopefully I will have the opportunity to do so again in the future. (from Michael by email, 12/19/22)

I got these amazing guys in last week. This is my first experience with Asian Discus, and with Chicago discus, and they knocked it out of the park!  These fish were eating from my hand day 1, and spawning on day 6. Looks like I got lucky and May end up with 3 pairs out of 8 fish. I swear I’m not getting anything by posting this, but Miranda is incredible to work with. (posted by Bossanova on Simply Discus Forum 12/1/22)

Thank you Miranda!!! They’re in the quarantine tank – chilling (and pooping). Airport was calling me as I pulled into the parking lot. Thank you for having them nicely packaged. I’m so very happy. They’re both beautiful 😍 …and will be even more so when they settled in with lights on. (11/11/22). Still in awe that they are mine 😍 Thank you again so very much Miranda!!!!  They’re doing great 😊 (11/14/22) (from Nadine K., email)

Just picked them up at Southwest Cargo. They’re all looking great! Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your hard work to earn my business. You really make the process really seamless and your packaging is top notch! I wish I could’ve gotten more but all good. I’ll definitely be looking to get more Penang’s and other varieties when I have the budget for them.  (from David V., 11/11/22 by email)

Don’t forget about me you come across any pairs. These other 2 I just got from you have been great  think  the eruptions got it done this  time  and have wigglers they have moved to the other side the cone. The panthera and snakeskin have eggs to and I believe may nail I this time too.  Anyway just wanted to update and remind you don’t forget me I got  a Miranda  fund growing in  my account already lol. Thanks again for these guys and rescuing them  from the terminal. (from Clay P., 11/9/22 by email)

We came from Michigan and thought we were going to just see beautiful Discus! And did we ever, the most beautiful and largest display of Discus we have ever seen! But we left feeling like we made new friends! The experience from beginning to end was way beyond our expectations! The outstanding gardens were loaded with well loved and cared for animals of many kinds! They have rescued animals that many would reject, it’s really special! But the Discus are top notch, healthy and beautiful at exceptional prices! Very professional to deal with, you will not be disappointed, the trip is an experience! Enjoy!  (Leanna and Don, 8/31/22, Square Feedback)

Beautiful new discus in their temporary quarantine tank from Chicago Discus. The experience from 1st contact to pick up was unlike any other vendor experience. Show quality, stunning fish! The only US distributor of Robert Lim Malaysia discus. Excellent packing for safe transport, too. We can’t wait to introduce them to the rest of their family! Highly recommend Miranda from Chicago Discus to all! I think we may be going back this week!  (Kimberly Hood, 8/14/22 in All About Discus Facebook Group)

Miranda and Josie are awesome!  They undoubtedly have the best discus fish in the country. But beyond that, they are responsive, dedicated, and caring people who absolutely treat their customers the right way. I have been buying fish from them for many years and would not get discus anywhere else. (Lenny Kirsch, 7/6/22, 5 star Google Review)

Check out these 2. All stars ⭐️ from Miranda Miller from Chicago Discus. This is day 3 in QT and they are coloring up so nicely!!! So happy I got them ! Stunning fish! If you haven’t gotten fish from Chicago discus . I highly highly recommend them! I am never disappointed in quality or customer service! (Justin Loebbaka, 3/22/22 Discus Review)

Big shoutout to Chicago Discus and Miranda Miller and her team. Her and the team work so hard to bring us some of the best discus in the world. This is my first time shipping discus I couldn’t do the fedex thing still to scared. So Miranda sent them Southwest cargo to Philly airport cargo city. They left 8:10 am Chicago time and arrived in Philly at 10:50 am 20 minutes ahead of schedule. I grabbed them at 11:35am and headed home. They were acclimated and in the 40 breeder at 2 pm EDT time. I want to say the experience was awesome. Miranda sent videos of all my requests and then I screen shot and circled my choices and I’ll be dammed Miranda sent me the exact 🐠. I’m still in awe of the health and alertness of these discus like they have only been in this country for a week. Thank you again Chicago Discus and Miranda Miller for a great experience. (Walt Potvin, 3/25/22, Discus Review)

The Red maps are amazing and way larger than I expected.  Thank you very much. They seem very happy in the 125 gallon tank with the 5 smaller Discus. … I do really like them, but I have never seen that strain before. They look so beautiful when my moonlight with clouds lightning is on in the evening.  (email communication from Coby, 2/9-10/22)

I had the honor of spending some time this Sunday at Chicago Discus. Miranda is an extremely wonderful person and very, very knowledgeable and more than willing to share. I have been the president of our local Cichlid club and have been around a lot of fish experts and she is very impressive and such a pleasure to visit with. I picked up two packages of beef heart from her.  (Jason Libasci 2/8/22 Discus Review)

Just placed in the tank a few min ago. Can’t say enough good things about Chicago discus. Thank you Miranda.  (Jeff Zimmerman 2/9/22 Discus Review Facebook) —–>

Chicago Discus Unboxing! These guys came via Southwest Airlines this afternoon and- once again- I couldn’t be happier. Many continued thanks to Miranda and Josie (and Robert Lim) for more spectacular Discus and for my favorite tank in the house (despite the scratches on the glass).  (Don Mertes 1/21/22 posted in Discus Review Facebook page.  Here’s the link to see video… available to Discus Review group members)

So we just went upstairs to the QT 75g that the four Chicago Discus are in for their evening feeding. The two fish that hadn’t paired off were in the other corner paired off and spawning. So four discus purchased three weeks ago ended up being two pairs and have now spawned four times since arriving. Just unbelievable. (Mike Kennedy 1/10/22 Discus Review Facebook)